Pest Control in Mallorca


Pest Control in Mallorca

We offer a wide range of resources and solutions for the control and elimination of any type of insect pest.

Following our line of work, we establish a diagnostic plan to know what is the focus of infestation and structural measures for prevention.

Our technicians are qualified and advised on innovative and advanced techniques, offering an efficient and professional service.

Experts in the control of insect pests such as cockroaches, ants, bugs, termites, processionary, ants, red weevil, wasps, rats and birds.


Termites pest control


Termites are insects that base their diet on wood (Treatment of wood against termites). They belong to the family of the isoptera and cause serious damage to the furniture and the structure of the house and that is why its complete elimination is very important. They are considered one of the most damaging plagues of all!

The plague of termites, appears when they begin to invade the property in a silent way, its color is white and live on the walls of the house.

The predilection of termites is for woods such as oak or teak, there are studies that show that termites are capable of attacking materials as hard as plastic and even lead!

Termites go through anything to get to the wood, even concrete! Today there are many buildings that do not meet the necessary requirements to prevent the appearance of the plague and for a long time there are solutions that are used in cases of extreme need. We must go to the help of a company specialized in pest control.

To finally end a plague of termites, it is not enough to act on them with a treatment against the termites, but the queen must be eliminated to eliminate them completely.


Cockroach pest control

 cockroach pest control

When the cockroaches have nested in your house the conventional methods do not work. Odana uses a poison that does not change your routine, therefore you will not realize that it is and in a few days you will return to enjoy the tranquility of your home.

Cockroaches are one of the insects that proliferate in homes and there are hundreds of types of cockroaches such as Blattella germanica.

This German cockroach that one of the most common species that exist, light brown tone and half an inch long, is the cockroach that lays the most eggs.

They usually hide during the day and at night they go out to mate and look for food (sugar, starch, fat, although they eat everything), they are very complicated to control because they reproduce very quickly.

They can transmit diseases and to reduce the risk all dead cockroaches and their feces (in cupboards, toilets, etc.) must be eliminated.


Bedbugs pest control

Bedbugs pest control

In recent times the bed bug infestation has spread a lot either hotels or private homes.

This increase in this type of insect has made the population is very aware and is dedicated to reviewing their mattresses and furniture!, we must emphasize that this type of plague is very difficult to eliminate!

Bedbugs are the most common bedbugs. Night insects feed on the blood of humans and pets.

Their bites usually look like small reddish bumps look a lot like a common mosquito bite. After feeding, bedbugs hide different places as in clothing, which allows them to move to new places and spread.

The control of bugpest must be left in the hands of professionals since it requires 12 hours of absence and the products used are very toxic and powerful


Wasps pest control

Wasps pest control

Wasps (yellow jacket), has a great importance for the control of other pests, therefore in Odana Group we will only proceed to its extermination in case of danger for people or animals. The wasps are among the most feared insects due to their painful sting they give when they feel some kind of threat and unlike the bees the wasps can sting several times.

It must be said that most wasps are harmless and play a role as controllers of other insects, especially for crops! and also constitute an essential element in the food chain of the ecosystem.

Our professional technicians have the necessary experience to eliminate or spray wasps, they will identify the species and carry out the treatment, created to eliminate the wasps effectively! In addition, our technicians will give you guidelines to avoid suffering from the plague again.


Red weevil pest control

Red weevil pest control

The red palm weevil is the most worrisome pest in the palms of Mallorca. The red palm weevil feeds from the interior of the palm trees and it is not easy to detect it until it has caused serious damage to the palm tree.

A plague of red palm weevil remains inside the palm tree and only comes out when it needs to feed more. The insect can affect various species of palm trees. Specifically, the palm tree (Phoenix canariensis) and the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera).

There are several treatments against the red palm weevil and it is of vital importance to recognize the level of severity of the pest and in what stage it is.

To eliminate it, a treatment should be carried out throughout the year, especially in spring and summer, since in these months the activity of the red palm weevil is greater. Its application depends on the location of the pest and its level of infestation and the treatments must be personalized.


Birds pest control

Birds pest controlPigeons, starlings, sparrows and even seagulls are animals that have adapted to live in urban areas causing serious damage.

Any type of building can be invaded by birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows and even seagulls.

We use birds pest control methods, based on light, sound and olfactory repellents as well as screens to prevent access.

The more time they are allowed to nest, the more complicated it will be to eradicate them. Also a small population can quickly become a group of several hundred birds! In case of bird infestation, contact our specialized technicians immediately.

Our team of professionals has a great experience and has an extensive range of systems to solve your problem with pigeons, starlings, sparrows and seagulls.


rats pest control

 rats pest control

Rats can transmit more than 70 diseases and a rat infestation can cause very negative health effects!

For the control of rat pests, we use different methods adapting them to the needs of the client, we use baits specially designed for this pest and totally safe.

The control of rat pests is important to know what situations give rise to the appearance of the same, as well as to know which aspects depend directly on the client to avoid or eliminate the plague.

The treatments for the control of rats are known as rat extermination and the treatments involve the use of rodenticides and different kinds of baits suitable for each pest will be applied. All the baits are toxic and will be protected in baits placed in specific areas and difficult to access.

In addition there are rat traps, spring, adhesion or mousetraps, but the only method that ensures the control of rodent pests is the contracting of a specialized company.

Odana is a rat fumigation company with experience in this field.



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