Pest Control



When cockroaches have nested in your house, conventional methods do not work. Odana uses a poison that does not change your routine, therefore you will not realize that it is there and in a few days you will enjoy the tranquillity of your home once more.

Bed bugs are the most common bugs. These night insects feed on the blood of humans and pets. Their elimination must be left in the hands of professionals and 12 hours of absence from the property is necessary because the products used are very powerful.

Mice and ants
To eliminate ants it is necessary to eliminate the queen. Odana will come to eliminate the plague without any discomfort for you. For rats and mice, we use different methods adapting them to the needs of the client. The baits we use are specially designed for this pest and they are totally safe.

The wasp known as the yellow jacket wasp is of great importance for the control of other pests, therefore in ODANA we will only proceed to its extermination in case of danger for people or animals.

Red weevil
The red palm weevil is the most worrisome pest in the palm trees in Mallorca. The absence of predators, as well as good weather, favours their propagation. If the symptoms are visible, it is too late to save the infected specimen. We perform a preventive control and curative treatment in cases which are detected early.

Pigeons, starlings, sparrows and even seagulls are animals that have adapted to live in urban areas causing serious damage.
We use control methods, based on light, sound and olfactory repellents as well as meshes to prevent their access.


Termites go through anything to get to the wood, even concrete if necessary. To perform this action, they often take advantage of the joints of concrete to cross walls which are supposedly impassable, while others crumble the material and make a gallery that crosses the wall without problems.


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Pest Control
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