Enviromental control

ambientalHACCP advice
All restoration establishments need to have basic hygiene and sanitation controls and, in addition, these controls must be registered in the event of a sanitary inspection. In ODANA, when hiring our services, we will train you for free when carrying out the APPCC in the correct way.

Cleaning of cisterns
Cleaning and disinfection of tanks, deposits, cisterns etc. of individuals, professionals and communities. For the cleaning of tanks and deposits, a prior emptying of the liquids and sludge inside is carried out, as well as the cleaning of the water inlet. Afterwards, the sandblasting of the walls and floor is carried out, using descaling products if necessary

Water treatment
We will carry out a complete analysis of the water with our laboratory service, both to know the potability of the water as well as its composition in case of other uses of the same. Subsequently, it will be treated according to the client’s requirements.

Legionella is a bacterium whose ecological niche is surface waters such as lakes, rivers and ponds, forming part of its bacterial flora. From these natural reservoirs the bacteria can colonize, amongst other things, the water supply systems of cities and through the water distribution network, it is incorporated into the drinking water and air conditioning systems and can cause a massive infection, especially in public buildings.
Our technicians can take periodic control of the facilities, to ensure they are in good condition and act quickly in case of infestation.

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